CrossWindows Puzzle

RELEASED: 1.31.2010
PRODUCED: 17 Copies
DESIGNER: Mike Toulouzas
CRAFTSMAN: Mike Toulouzas
MATERIAL: Maple, Wenge, Paduak
COMMENTS: From the talanted shop of Mr. Toulouzas comes this fascinating new puzzle. Crosswindows takes the familiar 6 piece diagonal construct and turns it on it's head. "Window frames" emit from each piece, with specifically placed protrusions forcing a single solution. Tricky and fun to assemble, this puzzle will be a centerpiece in any collection.

Here is what the designer and craftsman has to say about the puzzle:
"The Crosswindows Puzzle is A heart-Still Puzzle.It has an attractive appearance(people say).Solution is hard enough to respect its presence.I Would like to say that this is one of the puzzle that define ..something like a signature.You see it and say Oh its Mikes..."

I don't need to tell you Mike's work can be hard to find, so we are especially pleased to be able to offer this one! Each puzzle is signed, dated and numbered. Included is a certificate giving details about the puzzle. Finally, weighting in at nearly a full pound, this 4.25" puzzle is generous in proportion yet precise in construction. 17 copies made for sale.

SIZE: 4.25"