Worm Inside

RELEASED: 3.27.2013
PRODUCED: 37 Copies
DESIGNER: Chi-Ren Chen
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Wenge, Acrylic
COMMENTS: I noticed a lot of interesting board and stick burrs coming out on Ishino's site so I decided to make batch of them. After looking at a couple dozen designs I chose six for their representation of the various concepts and levels of difficulty.

This and the Quads and Rings 1 are probably the entry-level puzzles in this category when it comes to difficulty. Worm Inside is fairly basic, with the added twist of two smaller acrylic "worms" that are to be inserted alongside the wood wenge sticks. A tricky and unique concept - many thanks to Chen for allowing me to make this design.

Construction is excellent, with close tolerances but plenty of room to maneuver.

37 copies made for sale; each signed and dated. Ships unassembled.

SIZE: ~1.5"

34 26 15