Oloid Wobbler Toy

RELEASED: 11.1.2008
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
COMMENTS: The Oloid Wobbler is a fascinating applied science toy derived from the Oloid (a geometric object created by mathematician Paul Schatz). It is formed when two disks of the same size and diameter are intersected at right angles to each other.

The Wobbler is mathematically optimized, with the center of the disks spaced apart equal to the square root of two multiplied by the radius. The result is that the center of gravity remains constant while the object is in motion. Because of this, although the disks are loosely joined, they do not fall apart while moving.

To use the Wobbler, simply join the two disks together at the notches, and give it a small push on a flat surface. Each is individually packaged in a nice cloth bag and includes an information card for the recipient.

This item is precision cut from a single piece of top quality acrylic with hand finished edges. I have plenty of these, so please feel free to order extra copies as gifts!

SIZE: 4" Disks

34 26 15