Slow Waltz

RELEASED: 5.30.2012
PRODUCED: 40 Copies
DESIGNER: Jeff Namkung
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Canarywood / Cocobolo - Sapele / Ebony
COMMENTS: This is one of those puzzle designs I almost passed up. A couple customers emailed me, asking if I Would make it. Looked like a normal 4x4 cube to me so I was fairly non-committal. Then several more customers chimed in over the next couple weeks, and I gave it a more serious look. While indeed a simple 4x4 cube (no rotations even!), this design steps up the difficulty to the next level. It really is an amazing puzzle, with a unique level 14.8 solution (!!!!) which on top of being high level, has some very unintuitive and tricky movements. I'm glad I made it and I'm looking forward to Jeff's future designs.

Construction is all straight glued, using machinist squares and granite plate. Endgrain joints were clamped at least an hour. All edges beveled. Fit is very nice, slightly loose in dry conditions but leaving the puzzle easily operable in very humid conditions. Price somewhat higher to the skyrocketing cost of ebony and cocobolo these days.

40 copies made for sale, each signed and dated.

SIZE: 2.75"

34 26 15