Secret Burr

RELEASED: 2.2.2005
PRODUCED: Approximately 18 Copies
DESIGNER: Marcel Gillen
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Madrone / Pau Ferro / Rosewood
COMMENTS: I originally had this burr listed as the "Unnamed 13 Piece Burr". Thanks to Jim Gooch for pointing out that it is actually the "Secret Burr", which was designed about 15 years ago by Marcel Gillen. I have contacted Marcel and he graciously gave permission for this batch!
There are two locks inside the burr that interact to make even disassembly a tricky proposition. Essentially it is the 13 piece precursor to Bill Cutler's Ball Bearing Burr, using small rectangles instead of steel bearings. Precision crafted of fine hardwoods, this puzzle not only looks exotic, but has the "oomph" to back up its appearance.
Each puzzle is signed and dated.
SIZE: ~3 Inches
PRICE: $49 Each (SOLD OUT)

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Pau Ferro

Partially Disassembled

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