Two Wheeled Cube

RELEASED: 5.14.2014
PRODUCED: 42 Copies
DESIGNER: William Hu
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Paduak or Wenge, Bubinga
COMMENTS: Every time I think I've seen it all when it comes to 4x4 cubes, someone proves me wrong. In thie case it's Mr. Hu with his excellent "Two Wheeled Cube" design. with an odd level solution, this puzzle is moderate in difficulty but very high on the fun factor. The first four pieces form a shell around the heart of the puzzle; two identical "wheels" which rotate and dance around each other in a bewildering number of possble states. The meat of the puzzle is figuring out which state they need to be in to allow the shell pieces to be assembled, and then maneuvering the pieces into place. Very cool idea and I'm glad I made this one.

Fit is good, may be a little tight in high humidity situations.

42 total made for sale; each signed and dated. Ships assembled.

SIZE: 2.8"

34 26 15