Tube It In

RELEASED: 10.18.2016
PRODUCED: 54 Copies
DESIGNER: Wil Strijbos
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Yellowheart, Bubinga, Wenge, Holly, Maple, Canary, Cherry, White Oak, Pau Ferro, Peruvian Walnut, Zebrano, Purpleheart, Ash and Paduak
COMMENTS: Tube It In is a classic design by Wil Strijbos. To solve it you have to take the various small rectangular pieces and pack them all inside each other. Wil originally made it with small cut sections of metal pipe! What an original and fun idea, still unique to this day. The puzzle itself is moderately tricky and fun to solve.

Construction of this puzzle was painstaking. Each piece is strengthened with shouldered joinery on the edges, and then beveled all the way around. On such small pieces this was very tricky indeed. Furthermore, the original metal puzzle had different thickness pieces, which meant that the wooden version with uniform thickness pieces required a near total redesign.

54 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped assembled.

SIZE: 2" x 1.375" x 1.5" (5 x 3.8 x 3.5 cm)

34 26 15