RELEASED: 7.21.2007
PRODUCED: 16 Copies
DESIGNER: Stewart Coffin / Bart Buie
MATERIAL: Paduak / Canarywood / Yellowheart / Jacaranda Pardo or Wenge
COMMENTS: Bart Buie has been making copies of Stewart Coffin's work for quite some time now as well as designing his own puzzles. His quality and craftsmanship is outstanding. Sadly he is not able to make puzzles full-time, so offerings from him can be very rare. Bart and I live in the same town and speak frequently, so when I heard he has completed a new iteration of the Hectix design I offered to list them on my website for him.

TriSticks is a version of the popular Hectix. According to Bart, Mr. Coffin had speculated to him that making the puzzle from triangular stock would be possible, but he could not figure out how to make the steep angle of the triangular cuts work. Bart put his mind to it and came up with a way, and the result is very pretty indeed.

Each puzzle is handcrafted and has Bart's brand on the inside. Only 16 copies were made for sale.

SIZE: 3.5"