Triple V

RELEASED: 3.27.2013
PRODUCED: 38 Copies
DESIGNER: Guy Brette
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Bloodwood, Maple, Bubinga, Wenge, Chakte Viga, Yellowheart, Purpleheart, Paduak, Mahogany
COMMENTS: Guy Brette has come up with some interesting burr variations lately, and I found the "Triple V" and "Triple T" made a nice pair. The Triple V has an unusual seven unit length stick and some very unconventional cuts. Dispite being only a level 3.2.1 puzzle, it's very confusing to assemble given the shape. Quite enjoyable and a doable challenge for the experienced burr puzzle solver.

Construction was done with nine different species. Fit and finish are excellent, just a bit loose in the dry weather I have in the shop right now.

38 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. Ships unassembled.

SIZE: 2.625"

34 26 15