Three Open Windows Interlocking Burr Puzzle

RELEASED: 12.15.2008
PRODUCED: 29 Copies
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Wenge / Holly / Bloodwood
COMMENTS: Another great Tom Jolly design, this puzzle is quite an accomplishment. I know Tom was working on this line for some time, and this is the final and best iteration. It is a three piece burr of moderate difficulty. What is very interesting to me is that if you look straight through the center holes on any axis, there are no protrusions whatsoever. For a non-trivial solution, that is quite a design accomplishment, and I congratulate Tom on it!

The puzzle itself is not especially difficult, but it does have an interesting twist to the solution. Construction uses rabbited joints for the cross connecting pieces, resulting in a strong and accurate joint. Precision is excellent, with a pleasing fit and feel.

Shipped assembled, signs and dated by the artist. 29 copies made.

SIZE: 3" Square