Stickman Tile Puzzle Box

RELEASED: 10.16.2007
PRODUCED: 20 Copies
DESIGNER: Robert Yarger
CRAFTSMAN: Robert Yarger
MATERIAL: Paduk, Monterillo, Honduran Rosewood
COMMENTS: Stickman Moving Tile Puzzle Boxes (No. 15) are handcrafted from quality Paduk, Monterillo and Honduran Rosewood with a rich tung oil finish for an antique appearance. The lid to this unique puzzle box consists of 24 interlocking solid wood tiles, one of which comes out freely allowing the remaining tiles to be manipulated into a three-dimensional carved wooden picture. Solving the picture allows free access to the first secret compartment, and a second compartment can also be accessed with a few additional tricky moves.

Traditionally, sliding tile puzzles have been two-dimensional, and adding a third dimension presents a beautiful and substantially more challenging twist to this traditional puzzle style. There are four different versions in this puzzlebox line, and each has its own unique appearance. Picture designs were carefully selected, carved and centered on tiles to give the illusion that some tiles falsely match up to other tiles. It is only after other surrounding tiles are also arranged into place that this deception can be detected.

Stickman Moving Tile Puzzle Boxes measure 6" x 4 " x 2 " and weigh slightly over 1 lb. These are limited edition pieces, and only 35 of these boxes will ever be produced. All boxes are signed by the artist, have a limited edition number and come with its own set of instructions.

SIZE: 6" x 4 " x 2 "