The Rattle

RELEASED: 10.2.2012
PRODUCED: 35 Copies
DESIGNER: Stewart Coffin
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Canarywood / Marblewood / Quilted Maple Box - Mixed Wood Pieces
COMMENTS: This puzzle was Henry Strout's exchange puzzle at IPP 29 in San Francisco. I enjoyed solving it a lot, and decided to make a run of them. To solve the puzzle, all the pieces must be put in the box. Easy enough, except for two things. One, they must all go thorugh the 1x2 slot in the side, making the order of insertion quite important. Two, the yellowheart piece is stuck inside the box, so you have to plan around that. Quite tricky! Using a toothpick makes assembly easier, but it's solveable without any tools (I've done it, it's just trickier)

I did modify the original design a bit, making both the top and bottom of acrylic. This puzzle was somewhat difficult to make - since both acrylic panels are floating, they lend no structural support to the box. The giant slot in the side makes the box inherently weak, so I used a wide finger joint and then pinned the corners in place with bamboo. Finally, laquering the box but keeping the acrylic clear of spray was tricky as well.

Approx. 35 copies made, each signed and dated.

SIZE: 2.5" x 1.5"

34 26 15