Tern Key

RELEASED: 3.8.2009
PRODUCED: 50 Copies
DESIGNER: Goh Pit Khiam
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Cast Acrylic / Nylon / Stainless Steel
COMMENTS: This excellent take-apart puzzle is the follow up to Pit’s 2004 “Key Puzzle” design. The original Key Puzzle used a binary locking mechanism. Tern Key ups the ante with a trinary implementation, yielding a hefty 134 move solution with four locks!

Precision cut from solid cast acrylic and painstakingly hand assembled, this puzzle has a nice weight/feel, and will not be confused with cheaper mass produced take apart items. The construction uses contrasting press fit dowel pins to align the internals, and the push pins are stainless so they do not corrode over time.

SIZE: 4" x 6""