Tease Interlocking Puzzle

RELEASED: 3.8.2009
PRODUCED: Approx 45 Copies
DESIGNER: Sam Cornwell
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Quilted Sapelle, Wenge, Carolina White Ash
COMMENTS: I am VERY excited to offer this design from Sam Cornwell of the UK. Sam has been publishing excellent puzzle ideas for several years in the IPP Design Competition. When I contacted him and asked if anyone had commercially made his puzzles, I was amazed when he said no. Accordingly, I present to you all the wonderful work of S. Cornwell!

Tease is the first of several Cornwell puzzles I will be releasing this year. Sam uses tricky dimensions in many of his designs, by dividing the larger pieces into a much smaller common denominator. Instead of using the advantage of a smaller unit count to up the number of moves astronomically, he shows tasteful British restraint, and zings the solver with a surprising twist.

Tease is moderate in difficulty, yet fun to solve and displays very well. Five moves gets the first piece out, with several more to fully disassemble the construction.

SIZE: 3 Inches
PRICE: $57-65 (SOLD OUT)