Tangler Interlocking Puzzle (2nd Release)

RELEASED: 2.25.2010
PRODUCED: 35 Copies
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Curly Maple
COMMENTS: The first release of the Tangler was so successful that I decided to make another batch. This time in Curly Maple, one of my favorite woods. Accuracy and function is excellent...a little better than the first release actually. Tom is at it again, and with excellent results this time around. The Tangler is a two piece interlocking/disentanglement which has already left many experienced puzzlers out in the cold. The goal is simple; disassemble and reassemble the two pieces, using no force. The solution however is anything but straightforward. 35ish copies of this puzzle made, most sold out at IPP so availability is extremely limited. This is a great puzzle so it's possible that I will make another batch sometime later.
SIZE: 3"