Switchboard Burr

RELEASED: 2.19.2005
PRODUCED: Approximately 28 Copies
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Pau Amerillo / Wenge / Bocote
COMMENTS: I recently started corresponding with Jim Gooch about his various puzzle designs, and was pleased and flattered when he offered me his latest design to make and share with you all. This new puzzle, the switchboard burr, is very unique and interesting with a level 9 solution.
In his words "I had the idea to combine pieces from a traditional burr puzzle, a board burr puzzle and the more complex version of the Three Piece Knot that Frans de Vreugd and I worked on a while back. The result far exceeded expectations."
As always I grapple with wanting to tell you all about an exciting design, and telling too much which could spoil the fun of discovery. In this case I'll simply say that the puzzle has a VERY unique feature to its solution that I have never seen in a burr puzzle before. If you're a collector of interlocking puzzles this is not one you will want to miss.
Each puzzle is signed and dated. A total of 28 were made for sale.
SIZE: ~3 Inches

Switchboard Burr

Unusual Pieces

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