Stickman Sphere Puzzle Box

RELEASED: 12.15.2008
PRODUCED: 31 Copies
DESIGNER: Robert Yarger
CRAFTSMAN: Robert Yarger
MATERIAL: Monticello, Pauduk, Holly, Bloodwood and Cocobolo
COMMENTS: The Stickman Sphere Puzzlebox ( No. 18 ) is quality hand-crafted by artist Robert Yarger out of monticello, pauduk, holly, bloodwood and cocobolo.

The core of this extremely unique puzzlebox contains a single secret compartment. Its internal sphere can rotate like a gyro within its orbital cage, but it also consists of two half-spheres that can be turned independently of each other. A combination of both movement types are required to maneuver the spikes of the sphere through various quadrants of its restrictive orb cage until an opening position is achieved. Discovering exactly what that opening position is also half the fun.

This puzzle is of moderate difficultly to solve, and requires approximately 10 moves from its starting position to open. Stickman Sphere Puzzleboxes are limited in edition and only 31 of these will ever be made. Box measures approx. 3? sphere.

SIZE: 3"