Stickman #9 Snowflake Ornament Puzzle Box

RELEASED: 12.19.2005
PRODUCED: Approx. 50 Copies
DESIGNER: Robert Yarger
CRAFTSMAN: Robert Yarger
COMMENTS: Originally crafted as Christmas presents for friends and family, the Stickman Snowflake Ornament Puzzlebox (No. 9) requires a total of 7 individual moves to open. Removing the lid also allows this puzzlebox to come apart into 6 puzzle pieces that have to be reassembled correctly to remake the box.

All snowflake puzzleboxes are fashioned from quality white holly wood. They are hand waxed and come with a festive loop string so that they can hang on a Christmas tree as holiday decorations. (Once solved, this string can also be removed so that it can be displayed in a traditional puzzle collection setting.)

SIZE: 1 5/8" Square

Snowflake Box

Box Solved

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