Stickman #8 Puzzle Box

RELEASED: 10.11.2005
PRODUCED: 25 Copies
DESIGNER: Robert Yarger
CRAFTSMAN: Robert Yarger
MATERIAL: Wenge / Purpleheart / Maple
COMMENTS: Designed by artist Robert Yarger, the Stickman No. 8 puzzle box internally makes use of a specialized "three-position mechanical toggle" system. Such toggles were first invented in ancient times to mechanically tally information in calculating machines, but when incorporated into a puzzle box it produces a very unique result.

In this box, the same move does not always produce an identical result. Panels that were once freed by performing a particular step will not always become free when the same step is repeated again. Also, a puzzle sleuth cannot simply undo a step to reverse a mistake. In fact, each move made in error only adds to the challenge of getting this box open. Although somewhat complex at first, this box will open effortlessly once its underlying concept is discovered.

The Stickman No 8 puzzle box has a single hidden drawer that will only reveal itself after a bare minimum of 18-40 moves, (depending on the starting position of internal toggles.) All boxes are constructed from maple and poplar internally and use combinations of wenge, holly or purpleheart for the external inlays. The box measures approx. 7" x 3 " x 3" , weighs 1 lbs and comes with a 5-page color illustrated instruction booklet.

Stickman No 8 puzzle boxes are limited in total production to only 25 finished pieces.

SIZE: 7" x 3 " x 3"

Purpleheart / Wenge (2nd edition)

Wenge / Purpleheart (2nd edition)
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Purpleheart / Wenge (1st edition)

Wenge / Purpleheart (1st edition)
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