RELEASED: 2.2.2005
PRODUCED: 28 Copies
DESIGNER: Robert Yarger
CRAFTSMAN: Robert Yarger
MATERIAL: Assorted Fine Woods
COMMENTS: Handcrafted by artist Robert Yarger, the secret chamber of the Stickman No 6 "grandfather clock" puzzle box can only be opened when both of its clock hands are positioned exactly at 12:00. Of course, getting its hands to exactly 12:00 is not an easy feat. Although all mechanical components can be seen working through the front glass panel, the secret to actually aligning the hands is curiously evasive. It takes patience, logic and a bit of old fashioned dexterity to finally figure out how to release the final latch.

The puzzle box features solid oak construction with carved wooden feet and intricate maple and bloodwood inlays. The mechanical gears, levers and clock hands are also hand crafted from quality maple and bloodwood. The box measures 14" x 5" x 3" and comes with a full color instruction booklet. Stickman No. 6 puzzleboxes are limited in production to only 28 finished pieces.

SIZE: 14" x 5" x 3" Inches

Stickman #6 Puzzle Box
3 Available

Detail of intricate lockwork

Detail of inlay

More lockwork

Box opened

International shipping available.

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