RELEASED: 11.5.2005
PRODUCED: 18 Copies
DESIGNER: Stewart Coffin
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Walnut / Yellowheart / Spalted Yellowheart
COMMENTS: Stewart Coffin's design number 185. "Seven solid polyominoes pack into a 3x3x3 box by insertion through a 1x2 opening. Very Difficult. A few of these made of maple and baltic birch in 2002."

I made a couple changes to this design; one intentional and one unintentional. First, I changed the cover from plexiglass to solid wood, making it the "blind" slot machine. This was done purposely to make it more difficult. However, when cutting the slot in the lid, I accidentally made the cut mirrored. This untentional change simply causes you to have to use the original solution, mirrored.

This puzzle is very very difficult. If I were charging for the time I spent solving it, I would have to increase the price by at least 50%! Before you go running off to the computer, puzzlesolver won't figure this one out. In observnce of the pain I went through to solve it, it is shipped unsolved without a solution. The good part is that by analyzing the box and pieces, there are several deductions which can be made, and they are a GREAT help in solving the problem. Those who find themselves truly stumped may email me for hints.

Each puzzle is handcrafted with a Walnut box and Yellowheart pieces. Some of the Yellowheart had a nice blue spalting on it, and I tried to split the unique pieces among the boxes fairly. Signed and dated; 18 made for sale.

SIZE: 2.8" Square


International shipping available.