Singmaster 25 Pc. Packing Puzzle

RELEASED: 12.18.2005
PRODUCED: 12 Copies
DESIGNER: David Singmaster
CRAFTSMAN: John Devost
MATERIAL: Lacewood, Macassar Ebony Box and Jatoba Pieces
COMMENTS: Consisting of twenty five 1x3x4 pieces packed into a 5x5x12 box, this packing puzzle was designed by Mr. David Singmaster around 1970. It is the result of a search for the smallest non-trivial box packing problem using uniform pieces. 22 solutions are possible.
The construction of this puzzle is top notch. Attention to detail shows in every step. The mitered corners are reinforced with solid Ebony slipfeathers which not only strengthen the joint but also add a decorative touch. Each puzzle piece is individually sanded and finished.
Each piece is signed. 19 copies made for sale.
SIZE: 1.75" X 4.5"