Sheffield Steel 6BB

RELEASED: 4.28.06
PRODUCED: 20 Copies
DESIGNER: Ronald Kint-Bruynseels
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Canarywood, Walnut or Indonesian Rosewood
COMMENTS: Ronald Kint-Bruynseels is a very progressive designer who has a knack for thinking in new directions. The beauty of his designs is that he achieves incredibly high level puzzles with relatively simple shapes. While simple, the [high precision necessary due to the extreme degree of interlock makes producing his puzzles a challange. Sheffield Steel 6BB is no exception. This beautiful and unconventional puzzle has a unique level 17-14 solution. An incredibly difficult puzzle that can easily be displayed as a work of art once solved.

A total of 20 made for sale. Each handcrafted, signed and dated by the artist.

SIZE: 4"



Indonesian Rosewood