RELEASED: 3.17.2004
PRODUCED: 45 Copies
DESIGNER: Robert Yarger / Eric Fuller
CRAFTSMAN: Robert Yarger / Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Maple / Cocobolo / Bloodwood
COMMENTS: Designed and crafted by puzzle artists Robert Yarger and Eric Fuller, the Stickman No. 4 Puzzlebox has two hidden compartments that can only be opened by properly manipulating the wooden tiles around the four faces of the box. Tiles move from one side to the next by use of a unique solid-wood mechanical clutch. This clutch can be pulled up to grab a tile, then retracted, turned and re-opened to position the tile on another side. Each compartment is protected by three different magnetic locks, and will only unlock when the proper tiles are in the proper positions. Even after accomplishing the proper tile position, there is a final, tricky move that will leave many baffled.

Each No. 4 puzzlebox has been quality hand-crafted from over 100 individually cut solid wood pieces, requiring over 22 hours to make. They are constructed from fine hardwood maple, with exotic bloodwood and cocobolo accents. The boxes are very sturdy and should provide generations of use when properly handled. All boxes come with a 6-page full-color instruction booklet.

As as an added bonus, a Lee Krasnow miniature puzzle is also hidden in one of its 2 secret chambers.

Stickman No. 4 puzzleboxes are limited to only 45 finished pieces. Each box is signed by by both artists. This box is rated moderate to difficult.

SIZE: 9 " x 4 " Inches

6 Available

Clutch Lifted

Clutch Turning

One of Two Drawers

Sample of Kraznow Minatures

International shipping available.