Rough Night Burr

RELEASED: 11.21.2014
PRODUCED: 35 Copies
DESIGNER: Kouki Kusumi, Mineyuki Uyematsu
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Imbuia, Bloodwood / Mahogany, Ash / Maple, Cocobolo
COMMENTS: The unique shape of the Rough Night Burr is what initially caught my eye. Combine that with a very elegant set of pieces (two sets of three identical), a unique level solution, and some very very tricky moves and you come up with a winner. While this design isn't as new as many from this update, it was beggning to be made and I'm glad I did. The assembly has a lot of movement but no shortcuts or illegal moves. The final assembly is quite stable and displays very well.

Construction was tricky with a lot of gluing and flush fitting. Fit turned out very very well, with just a bit of extra room because the shop has been dry lately.

35 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle ships assembled, and disassembly is quite tricky!

SIZE: 3.25

34 26 15