Rail Box

RELEASED: 2.28.2014
PRODUCED: ~40 Copies
DESIGNER: Yavuz Demirhan
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Maple, Purpleheart, Paduak
COMMENTS: Rail Box looks like just another caged burr at first glance. It's only after playing with it that the genius of the design is apparent. Four identical vertical pieces dance around the two longer horizontal pieces to create a unique level 18 solution. Not only do you need to determine the pisition, but orientation becomes important as well. A nice challenge for the seasoned puzzler, yet approachable for the intermediate / beginner.

Fit is extremely good on this puzzle, with a nice slide at average 50-60% humidity. Cage is shouldered for strength.

About 40 copies made for sale; each signed and dated. Ships assembled.

SIZE: 2.25" x 1.5" square

34 26 15