Matchbox Play Six

RELEASED: 4.15.2015
PRODUCED: 46 Copies
DESIGNER: Olexandre Kapkan
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Various Exotic Hardwoods
COMMENTS: Oskar's Matchboxes is one of my favorite puzzles, and as soon as I saw that Olexandre had expanded on that concept I was eager to make the Matchbox Play Six. With three sets of mirrored pieces, there are several symmetrical solutions and even a couple non- symmetrical solutions. This puzzle is a lot of fun to play with and is a bit easier to solve than the five piece version by Deventer. It displays beautifully and is one you can hand to a trusted guest to experience the feel of a high end puzzle without the frustration of an extraordinarily high level burr.

The construction of this puzzle is robust and detailed. Detailed and intricate shoulder joinery on the drawers and sheaths makes it much stronger than the .125" thick wood would indicate. Each puzzle was individually sanded to fit, and the feel is excellent overall.

46 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped assembled in a gift bag.

SIZE: ~3"

34 26 15