RELEASED: 9.18.2009
PRODUCED: ~10 Copies
DESIGNER: Stewart Coffin
CRAFTSMAN: Scott Peterson
MATERIAL: Bubinga or Paduak
COMMENTS: The Pennyhedron puzzle was designed by Stewart Coffin, with some help and inspiration from his children. As the story goes, his kids used to glue puzzle blocks together in his shop – which inspired him in the direction of the Pennyhedron. This is a clever puzzle with only 2 pieces, which he and his children used to sell with a penny inside – hence the name.

Incidentally, this is the very first puzzle design I ever I made, and the one which got me hooked on making puzzles! I became intrigued with the puzzle when I saw directions for how to make one in an article by Stewart Coffin, published in the November 1984 issue of Fine Woodworking. I have shown many of our guests the solution to the Pennyhedron puzzle, quickly snapping it shut and tossing it to them… It’s still a lot of fun to watch a guest begin thinking the solution is as easy as I made it look, and then have a devil of a time finding the solution themselves!

These are the hollow-type Pennyhedron puzzles, and made a bit larger than typical. The puzzles measure about 4 inches across, just enough to fill an adult’s hand and make the solution a bit more difficult to find with tight sliding joints.

SIZE: 4"