Oskar's Paperclips

RELEASED: 12.18.2005
PRODUCED: 9 Copies
DESIGNER: Oskar Van Deventer
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Holly / Leopardwood
COMMENTS: Oskar van Deventer is well known for designing some of the most interesting and creative puzzles available. His paperclips are no exception. With two possible solutions, the paperclips interlock to form a beautiful sculpture once solved. At 14 moves, finding the the solution to this work of art is no trivial task either. It is a very confusing and difficult puzzle to solve.

Although beautiful, many of Oskar's designs are very difficult to realize in wood. That is why they are extremely scarce. To my knowledge, myself and Tom Lensch are the only ones to have made this design available to collectors. Each joint is reinforced with hand fitted and sanded splines of solid Leopardwood. The tolerances are accurate to a couple thousandths of an inch overall.

Each piece is signed and dated. 9 copies made for sale. Care must be taken to make sure all pieces are oriented square to each other to prevent binding while solving. Nevertheless, the splines make for a very strong joint, and this puzzle can be manipulated and solved without fear of breaking.

SIZE: ~7.5"

2 Available



Spline Detail

International shipping available.