Kim NoPack Packing Puzzle

RELEASED: 12.15.2008
PRODUCED: 37 Copies
DESIGNER: Ronald Kint-Bruynseels
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Walnut Box, Canary/Jatoba/Pau Amerillo Pieces
COMMENTS: Ronald is one of my favorite designers out there. He has a talent for puzzles which are not only challenging, but also very aesthetically pleasing. Kim NoPack is no exception. Using a simple set consisting of ten pieces he has devised a puzzle which is tricky and interesting to solve. While the pieces are symmetrical (two pairs of mirrored sets plus an outlier), the solution is decidedly non-symmetrical. There are several interlocking/shift moves involved in finding the unique solution.

Crafted from fine walnut with traditional joinery, I was very pleased with the accurate tolerances this puzzle produced. The box is .02 oversize, and when you put the final piece in, the air which it displaces lifts up the adjacent piece like a hydraulic mechanism. Made me smile the first time it happened :)

Each puzzle is signed and dated; 37 copies made in total.

SIZE: 4"

Jatoba Pieces

Canarywood Pieces

Pau Amerillo Pieces

Disassembled (Canarywood Pieces)