Mini 6 Piece Burr

RELEASED: 1.18.2005
PRODUCED: Approximately 6 Copies
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
COMMENTS: I was working hard on the Splined Boxes and hit a bit of a wall...I needed a diversion. I noticed some offcut scraps that turned out to be almost exactly .25 inches square, and so I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to make some very small 6 piece burr puzzles out of them. Not as easy as you would think on a full size tablesaw! Unfortunately most of them did not turn out, but a few did and quite nicely at that. These burrs are the standard 6 piece design with a solid key piece.
I've always admired his work, but now I have a newfound respect for Allen Boardman's work!
SIZE: .75 Inches

Mini 6 Piece Burr
1 Available

Comparison to 3 inch burr puzzle

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