Stickman Milestone Puzzle Book

RELEASED: 10.2.2012
PRODUCED: ? Copies
DESIGNER: Robert Yarger
CRAFTSMAN: Robert Yarger
MATERIAL: Ambrosia Maple or Walnut
COMMENTS: Puzzle artist Robert Yarger produced these high quality Stickman Puzzlebooks to commemorate the completion of his 1000th puzzlebox, and his 25th official Stickman puzzlebox design.

This book contains 50-pages of vivid pictures, in depth descriptions, and detailed background on all of Robert’s creations (even those not sold publicly), as well as a 5-page biography, a bit of insight into future puzzle creations, and the solutions to all of his puzzles in the back.

The book itself is also a puzzle, and requires a minimum of 4 moves to remove its protective cage before its pages can be accessed. There is also a cipher hidden within the book’s text, and a bonus page than cannot be read until its puzzle component is solved. It is a truly exceptional and professionally crafted publication in every regard, and is a "must have" for anyone who is missing puzzles, had to sell off their collection, or just wants to experience the uniqueness and complexity of Robert’s puzzle designs. For those who already have a collection, there is a page in the back listing all past auction values of Stickman puzzles for assessment and insurance values.

Books come in your choice of ambrosia maple or walnut. They measure 11” x 9” x ˝”. Each is signed by Robert.

SIZE: 11" x 9"

34 26 15