Meijer's Box

RELEASED: 11.5.2005
PRODUCED: 21 Copies
DESIGNER: Berend Meijer
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Maple / Spalted Yellowheart
COMMENTS: Mr. Meijer became fascinated with the Hazelgrove box and decide to make his own design along the same lines. His unique creation uses a sliding piece that moves into a hole in the front of the box to lock the pieces in. The concept is the same as the Hazelgrove box, but the operation is completely different and quite tricky. This puzzle makes a great companion to the Hazelgrove box. This design is new and has never been produced before.

Each piece is signed and dated. 21 copies made for sale.

SIZE: 3.25" square

Meijer's Box
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