MC Squared Cube Puzzle

RELEASED: 1.31.2010
PRODUCED: 22 Copies
DESIGNER: Michael Armstrong
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Grandillo Pieces / Hickory Box
COMMENTS: While visiting family this holiday, my nephew presented me with a puzzle he designed in school as a gift. I was not at all surprised when it turned out to be a pretty fun little cube, since he's related to me and thus fairly smart (good looking too!). I decided to surprise him by reproducing a small run for the site. A non-interlocking 3x3 assembly, this 5 piece puzzle is moderate in difficulty and (I found) fun to solve. Even your non-puzzling friends will be able to enjoy this one, given its approachable level and sturdy pieces. This puzzle is precision crafted from solid 3/4" Grandillo and rests in a fitted Hickory box. The box is nicely snug (.012 oversize) with a satisfying displaced air settle when the puzzle is placed in it. Roughly the same fit as the L Bert Hall was. Each piece signed and dated; 22 copies made for sale.
SIZE: 2.75"