Oskars Matchboxes

RELEASED: 1.31.2010
PRODUCED: 28 Copies
DESIGNER: Oskar van Deventer
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Various Exotic Woods
COMMENTS: During a holiday visit to my family, I was playing with my mom's collection of puzzles I've sent her over the years (yes, she always gets puzzles for Christmas). I always enjoy this since I get to check out work I did months or years ago...see how it's aging, etc. I noticed her copy of matchboxes...the date on the inside was 2005. After wondering where all the time went, it took me about 1/2 a second to decide to make another batch. Oskar's Matchboxes has always been one of my favorite designs. In terms of originality, interesting appearance and overall kickassness (yes I just made that word up) very few puzzles come close. Not only that, but it's fairly tricky to solve with only two solutions possible. This puzzle is constructed with primium quilted maple and various exotic hardwoods. It's a very time consuming puzzle to make, at least the way I do it. The corners of all boxes and wrappers are reinforced with shoulder joints, and the bottom of each box is inset into a shouldered frame. The end result is a puzzle that looks small and fragile, but is in reality quite strong. Final hand fitting and checking each box into each wrapper ensures a very nice fit. Each puzzle is signed and dated. 28 copies made in this batch...grab one now or wait another 5 years for me to notice it again on my mothers puzzle shelf!
SIZE: Approx 3"