RELEASED: 5.6.2010
PRODUCED: 24 Copies
DESIGNER: Matti Linkola
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Yellowheart / Walnut
COMMENTS: I always admired this puzzle, but was never able to get my hands on one. So, I decided to make it! Matti was kind enough to grant permission and the rest was just a matter of crosscut-rip-joint-resaw-plane-joint-rip-plane-crosscut-mill-glue-laquer-sign-assemble-package. Got all that? While not a terribly difficult puzzle, it's certainly unique and is a lot of fun to play with. Fit is excellent, and the walnut and yellowheart play off each other well. Shouldered construction makes this a strong puzzle which should last generations.

Last available in plywood at IPP16 as Matti's exchange gift, now is the chance for those of you who were unable to aquire one before. Signed and dated, 24 copies made for sale.

*note that for some reason I had trouble getting a good picture of this puzzle. The third, brighter picture with the individual pieces shows the color much better. The yellowheart is quite bright and shows some nice chatoyance.

SIZE: 3"