Rik's Kiddy Wrapping

RELEASED: 12.14.2009
PRODUCED: 30ish Copies
DESIGNER: Kevin Holmes & Rik Van Grol
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Peruvian Walnut / Unique Heavy Spalted Oak
COMMENTS: This interesting 6 piece cube takes advantage of an unusual set of piece constraints do make a fun little sequential assembly cube. Moderately difficult, but a lot of fun to solve. Due to very accurate construction (cumulative error was around .006 inches on the assembled cubes, with no sanding performed), removing the first piece can be quite tricky!

The woods used in this puzzle are also quite special. Peruvian walnut, while common, is prized for its naturally dark color. But the real show stopper is the heavily spalted oak I used for the rest of the puzzle. I bought this plank a couple years ago and have been saving it for a project where its contrast would really shine. The normally brownish oak has spalted into a lighter yellow with deep brown, almost black streaks. Truly an unusual plank…you won’t find any wood like this again. Because of the spalting it is a little soft and brittle, but perfectly strong and able to be played with.

Each cube was precision made to exacting standards, and is signed and dated. Sporting 264 bevels per puzzle, I think you’ll agree that I took my time on this one to make it right!

SIZE: 2.7"