Just The Three Interlocking Puzzle

RELEASED: 6.8.2008
PRODUCED: 50 Copies
DESIGNER: Jack Krijnen
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
COMMENTS: I've always liked three piece burrs because it's so hard to make a good one if you stick to relatively simple pieces. It just seems to be a very pure iteration of the idea behind interlocking puzzles. Plus (in this instance) it's the same basic shape as my website logo...what's not to love! "Just the Three" is a very nice level 7.2 design, which is the highest level possible in this form factor. The construction is very precise, with an excellent feel to the pieces. Due to the highly stable wood used and just the right tolerances, this puzzle is nice and workable over a wide range of humidity conditions. Tolerances are within .003 inches overall. The majority of the puzzle was milled from solid stock, with only four cubes glued on the inside. The outer appearance is completely solid, yielding a very attractive display piece. All puzzles were made from Sapelle, and each plank used was kept separate all the way through the crafting process to ensure that the wood matched nicely. Most of them have regular Sapelle, which is a very nice wood. I did however find a couple smaller planks of quilted Sapelle, which costs more to purchase but yields wonderful results, and is priced accordingly. This heavily quilted sapelle displays wonderful curvy grain on all sides and eye-popping figure. Truly beautiful and rare wood in non-veneer form. Each piece is signed and dated. This puzzle ships unassembled in a drawstring bag.
SIZE: 3"
PRICE: $33/39/45 depending on wood figure (SOLD OUT)


Quilted Sapelle

Heavy Quilted Sapelle