In Brackets - Interlocking Puzzle

RELEASED: 5.21.2009
PRODUCED: 40 Copies
DESIGNER: Sam Cornwell
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Peruvian Walnut / Zebrawood
COMMENTS: Sam designed this excellent interlocking puzzle for the IPP design competition. Functionally it's a fairly easy 3x3 cube. The twist is the three brackets which wrap around the cube. Disassembly can be tricky, and assembly more so since there is only one solution and one order in which to insert the brackets. A very fun and unique puzzle which displays beautifully.

Crafted from fine peruvian walnut and zebrawood, this puzzle has a very nice fit and feel. The cube is precise but not tight, and the brackets have a good feel with a generous .012 offset from the cube. Brackets are constructed with finger joints at the edges to insure strength and long life.

Each piece signed and dated. Single edition of 40 copies made; never before commercially available.

SIZE: 3 Inches