Stickman "Illogical" Puzzle Box

RELEASED: 6.26.2009
PRODUCED: 24 Copies
DESIGNER: Robert Yarger
CRAFTSMAN: Robert Yarger
MATERIAL: Wenge, Cherry and Walnut
COMMENTS: The decorative maple and ebony inlays of the Stickman Illogical Puzzle Box (No. 19) are more than aesthetic; they contain a hidden cipher code. The four triangles included with the box are magnetig keys which, when placed in the proper location, unlock secret puzzle moves.

A minimum of 13 moves are required to access the box's single compartment. However, with 180 possible tile combinations for each move, this puzzle is functionally impossible to solve without deciphering the code. Once solved, the mechanism neatly resets itself when the box is closed.

Each Illogical Puzzlebox was hand crafted by Robert Yarger out of quality wenge, cherry and walnut. The boxes are signed and dated, and come with Robert's signature illustrated instruction booklet. The edition is limited to 24 copies.

SIZE: 4.5x4.5x3.5" Inches