RELEASED: 10.9.2004
PRODUCED: Approximately 18 Copies
DESIGNER: Stewart Coffin
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Leopardwood / Walnut
COMMENTS: Frantix is a wonderful puzzle designed by Mr. Stewart Coffin. It is a 12 piece variation on the Altekruse puzzle that adds the confusing element of dowels and holes. The puzzle is made up of 6 right handed pieces and 6 left handed pieces, and is moderately difficult to solve for experienced puzzlers.
The leopardwood used is very interesting since all faces (side, face and endgrain) have very different visual characteristics. Leopardwood looks similar to lacewood, but is darker, much denser, and far less common. Unfortunately it's an exceedingly splintery wood that is difficult to drill and dado. The price was originally going to be higher on this puzzle, but I have reduced it because there is some tearout around the drilled holes. Overall the puzzle is very beautiful, with a pleasingly tight fit and precise manufacture.
SIZE: 2.5 Inches

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