Elena's Burr

RELEASED: 2.17.2016
PRODUCED: 44 Copies
DESIGNER: Aleksandr Leontev
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Wenge / Zebra / Holly
COMMENTS: Elena's burr is an interesting variation with a lot of tricky movement. The level 13.7 solution will keep you very very busy. Disassembly alone is a feat, with lots of dead ends. Reassembly without directions is extremely difficult. Elena's burr is an elegant design, and the ability to come up with a unique solution at such high levels with simple pieces is an achievement. I really enjoyed making and playing with this one!

Construction of this puzzle is superlative. Fit is dead-on and the pieces slide with the perfect amount of friction. I really like how this one turned out....it's possibly the best of the update.

44 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped assembled.

SIZE: 2.625"

34 26 15