Double Slideways

RELEASED: 8.14.2014
PRODUCED: 47 Copies
DESIGNER: Ray Stanton
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Walnut, Maple, Sapele
COMMENTS: Ray took the Slideways design and went a lot further down the road with his Double Slideways design! With two sets of three identical notchable pieces, it's very tricky and confusing to solve. This was Rays exchange puzzle for IPP this year and from what I hear it was very well received. A limited number have been finished and prepared for sale here; when they're gone they're gone! Quite different from your standard six piece burr, this will lurk on the shelves like the surprise it is...

Fit is excellent; may be a bit tight in high humidity situations.

47 made for sale, each signed and dated.

SIZE: 2.25"

34 26 15