Disguised Burr

RELEASED: 6.23.2016
PRODUCED: 49 Copies
DESIGNER: Email Askerli
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Cherry, Walnut
COMMENTS: I had already chosen the puzzles for the next update when Emil posted the Disguised and Camouflaged burr designs. I immediately contacted him for permission and squeezed them into the schedule because I thought the idea was so unique. Take a regular six piece burr but chop a piece or two in half and secure them. BOOM, now you have a traditional looking six piece burr puzzle that behaves very differently than usual. I used contrasting woods to give a visual hint of the unusual nature of these two. Disguised Burr has a level 7.2.2 solution.

Construction of this puzzle is our usuall burr quality (outstanding!) with milled pieces and a precise yet accommodating fit.

SIZE: 2.625"

34 26 15