RELEASED: 8.25.2011
PRODUCED: 24 Copies
DESIGNER: Martin Watson
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Acrylic, Grandillo, Walnut
COMMENTS: I always liked this design, and on a whim emailed Martin abour possibly making it available again. When he replied in the affirmitive, my only thought was "yay!" as I ran to the laser cutter.

Digigrams was released at IPP20 and is a very clever packing puzzle. Each digit is represented, and there are only three solutions to pack them all into the tray. It's quite tricky.

Crafted with precision cut acrylic and walnut, with a solid grandillo bottom. Nice pleasing fit and a compact size means it won't take up tons of shelf space.

24 copies made for sale, may potentially make more in the future depending on how this batch goes.

SIZE: 3"x3.5"