RELEASED: 9.18.2003

PRODUCED: 12 Copies

DESIGNER: Ronald Kint-Bruynseels

SIZE: 4 Inches


COMMENTS: An excellent design from Ronald Kint-Bruynseels made available for the first time using fine woodworking technique and hardwoods. This 7 piece puzzle features 6 interlocking pieces around a cube of solid cocobolo hardwood. The solution is unique, and requires 6 moves to remove the first piece.

"Die In Prison" is the first of a set of RKB designs to be offered here on cubicdissection.com. A total of 12 copies are for sale, 9 of them made from maple, pau ferro and cocobolo. The other three have figured primavera instead of maple. The 2" cube which is imprisoned in between the external pieces is solid cocobolo, a very dense and ornate wood from South America.

his puzzle was made in a limited edition of 12 puzzles (9 in Maple, 3 in Prima Vera). It is highly unlikely this puzzle will be offered here again.

Die In Prison (Walnut)

In Figured Prima Vera

Several moves later


International shipping available.