RELEASED: 12.16.2015
PRODUCED: 55 Copies
DESIGNER: Gregory Benedetti
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
COMMENTS: With the invention of the NOS (New Old School) puzzle series, Gregory took the six piece burr format and turned it on its head. The only thing more noteworthy than the uniqueness of the series was how difficult they are to make. When he sent me the plans for them a year ago, I turned him down because it just looked like a nightmare to manufacture. I wasn't wrong...BUT...

Gregory came up to me at IPP this summer and let me play with a couple three D printed versions and I was hooked. These look like six piece burrs but are nothing like them. The angled internal geometry allows for some outrageous movements. These puzzles are very confusing and wonderfully different. I'm glad I made the first two, and will be looking into the others for future production.

Compressed is the first of the NOS designs. It's very tricky to disassemble and uses some rather extraordinary coordinate motion. Reassembly is also difficult, and has a mild dexterity component. Two sets of three identical pieces move in ways you just don't expect. I like this one a lot!

The construction of this puzzle is excellent. Production was very challenging, requiring the creation of several new jigs and techniques. Fit is excellent, with room to allow for the required motion and wood movement in various environments.

55 copies made for sale, each signed and dated. This puzzle is shipped assembled.

SIZE: 3"

34 26 15