Chen's 6 Board Burr

RELEASED: 5.30.2012
PRODUCED: 38 Copies
DESIGNER: Chi-Ren Chen
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Walnut / Ash / African Mahogany
COMMENTS: A classic six board burr, I chose to make this design because of it's elegance and simplicity. Six very simple pieces, two of them even in congruent pairs, comes together for unique level 2.14.12 assembly. Lots of fun to solve, and certainly more approachable than the level may seem...if you're more of a beginner, don't let this one scare you off, you can do it! Contrasted splines and three different woods makes this a very pleasing puzzle on the shelf once solved.

Construction on these pieces is VERY robust. Each is reinforced with a shouldered joint which is further splined for strength. I actually hung a 45 lb. plate from one of the open sided pieces and it held up fine...not bad for little 1/2 inch sticks. Don't try that at home by the way :)

Each puzzle signed and dated; 38 copies made for sale.

SIZE: 3"

34 26 15