la Cerradura Double

RELEASED: 2.1.2009
PRODUCED: 80 Copies
DESIGNER: Robrecht Louage
CRAFTSMAN: Robrecht Louage
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Corian
COMMENTS: La Cerradura Doble was Robrecht Louageís 2008 IPP Design Competition entry. The puzzle was very interesting to me, so I contacted him and started chatting about it. One thing led to another and I agreed to help him sell his remaining copies left over from IPP. The original price was 100 Euros, so as you can see I have managed to negotiate an excellent price reduction for our valued cubicdissection customers.

This puzzle is milled from solid stock, and there is no mistaking it for a cheap mass produced item. Weighing in at a hefty 12 ounces, the craftsmanship is evident when you see the slight tooling marks. The keys are milled from solid stainless steel; a very tricky material to work with. The base and sliders are milled to precision from solid corian.

As a puzzle I found it quite enjoyable to solve. There is only one solution to remove both keys. Putting them back in is even more of a trick, since there are plenty of dead ends to find along the way.

50 copies were made of this puzzle, and only 20 remain for sale. Robrecht gave me permission to make some once these are sold, but Iím not sure when or if I will get to it given my current backlog, and the price will almost certainly increase if I do.

UPDATE 3/09 - I have received another shipment of 30 of these excellent puzzles. After this shipment, the item will be discontinued.

SIZE: 5.5" x 3" Inches