Cartesian Wallet

RELEASED: 11.1.2008
PRODUCED: ~100 Copies
DESIGNER: Akio Yamamoto
CRAFTSMAN: Eric Fuller
MATERIAL: Premium Leather
COMMENTS: The Card Carrying Puzzler Case is reborn as the Cartesian Wallet! I was able to make some processing improvements which resulted in higher efficiency, and hence a new lower price on the item. Also new is some very nice packaging, suitable for a nice gift for that special someone who's interested in functional design and puzling objects.

Akio and I were having a beer during IPP and he showed me his interesting and VERY cool business card case. It is a single piece of leather, precisely cut, which folds into a case. It's not only beautifully designed, it is also very functional. I started carrying one around, mostly because I had just made it, thinking that it would be replaced by my good old money clip in a week or so. To my surprise, I actually like this case better! So, not only is it a functional design, you can pull your cards out and unfold it in a couple seconds and toss it to your friends to play with. I've had great feedback on this item just carrying it around the last couple weeks and showing it to people, so this item will be permanently available.

Each Cartesian Wallet is precision cut on a laser. While the laser does do the cutting, there is a lot of hand finishing work done, making them fairly labor intensive to make. Each is digitally signed on the inside by the designer and bears the ESF logo. I have plenty of these, so please feel free to order extra copies as gifts!

SIZE: 1"x3x5"x5x5" (in package)